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Using stone for interior design is a great solution that combines elegance with durability.  But if the stylish look is to be maintained for years, one must use suitable methods of stone restoration.

This service might be broadly divided into natural stone restoration and engineered stone restoration. However, each surface requires usage of proper substances and tools, and only a professional can tailor solutions that will always work best. The repair process might also entail activities such as stone cleaning or stone floor polishing, but also various ways of impregnation with sealers. There are numerous stone restoration companies in London, but only some have specialists with expertise pertaining to less common types of stone. Milos Marbles provides services of top quality in London and nearby towns. The company will assist you in necessary repairs and maintenance of surfaces made of stone.


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Company name: Milos Marbles Ltd

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City: Hemmel Hempstead

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Phone: 07508 245 727


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